Next Event:

07/12 100PM
Summer Switch
Day one!
Runs through 7/30
All Weekdays
except 7/23 and 7/29

07/22 630PM
Music Booster
Budget Meeting

08/04 630PM
Booster Meeting

08/06 10AM
Leadership Camp

08/09 8AM
Band Camp
Day One!
Runs through 08/21
All Weekdays

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We offer...
Marching Band
String Orchestra
Jazz Band
Musical Theatre
and Choir class!

We hold an annual Marching Band Field Tournament through SCSBOA!
the 2021 CHIFT will be held on Nov. 11th! More details to come

If you have any questions...


Please contact

Mr Michael Fiedler - CHHS Music Director  


Calendar has been updated
to reflect all confirmed summer events/dates

Kate Chasin (Marching Band)
Asa Horpayak (Musical Theatre)
and Gloria Park (Orchestra)
on their 2021 Spotlight Awards!